Malaysia is one of the major countries where people from Bangladesh tend to visit for different reasons. First, Malaysia accepts human workers in their countries for development works from Bangladesh. That’s a why huge portion of semi-literate working people shift to Malaysia. High Education, Advanced medical treatment, and recreational visits are the rest.

Whatever the reason is, every Bangladeshi requires a valid Malaysian Visa to enter Malaysia. If you are a Bangladeshi and planning to visit Malaysia for a quick tour or something similar to that then you will require a Malaysian Visitor Visa. In this article, we will discuss on Malaysia visitor visa basic checklist. So, stay with us till the end.

Types of Malaysia Visa

Here are the types of Malaysia visas that are available for Bangladeshi citizens. Take a quick look at them:


Visa Type


Malaysia e-Visa

Malaysia e-Visas are given to people who have been to Malaysia before. The visa allows you to enter the country once every three months and stay up to 30 days. The visa can’t be extended.

Tourist Visa

A Malaysia Tourist Visa lets you enter the country once every three months and stay for up to 30 days. The visa cannot be extended.

Medical Visa

Malaysia Medical Visa is issued for a single entry within three months and a maximum 30-day stay. The visa also cannot be extended.

Business Visa

A business visa lets you enter the country more than once within a year, two years, or five years. The visa can be extended if needed.

Malaysia Visitor Visa Basic Checklist

Here is the list of all the necessary documents list that everyone may require to obtain a Malaysian Visitor visa in 2023. Make sure to collect and verify your authentic documents before applying for a Visa. Don’t forget to revisit the official Malaysian embassy website for any latest updates or changes in the procedures.




  1. Bank Solvency (Original): Bank solvency is a document that your bank gives you that proves you are financially stable. It usually shows how much money you have in your account and lets you know that you have enough to cover the expenses while you’re in Malaysia. Ensure that this document is an original copy issued by your bank.


  1. Bank Statement Last 6 Months (Original): This document will cover your last 6 month’s bank account transactions. This statement should be an original document issued by your bank.


  1. N.O.C Letter with Company Pad (For Service Holder): You’ll need a No Objection Certificate (N.O.C.) from your supervisor on the company’s paper or pad if you have a job. This letter lets you know that the employer doesn’t have any issues if you go to Malaysia.


  1. Trade License English Translation with Notary (For Businessmen): Every businessman will require an official and valid trade license copy in English to apply for this visa.


  1. Company Blank Pad for Forwarding (For Businessman): If you are a business person, you might need to give out a company blank pad for legal letters. This may be needed for a number of formalities during your stay.


  1. Visiting Card: Your professional identity card or visiting card. It is really handy while applying for a visa.


  1. Job ID Photocopy (For Service Holder): As a service holder, bringing a picture of your job ID is a way to prove that you are working. It’s more proof that you have ties to your home country.


  1. N.I.D Photocopy: National Identity card photocopy which proves that you are a legal citizen of your country.


  1. TIN Certificate (Mandatory Philippines): Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate is mandatory. It’s a unique identifier for tax purposes.


  1. Photo: 2 Copies (White Background): Two passport-sized photographs with a white background are typically required for visa applications. These should meet specific size and background color criteria to be accepted.


  1. Spouse N.I.D Photocopies and Contact Number: Include copies of your spouse’s National Identity Card (N.I.D.) and their phone number for proof if you will be traveling with them.


  1. Baby: School ID Photocopy, Birth Certificate Photocopy: Provide a photocopy of their school ID and birth certificate to establish their identity and relationship.


  1. Marriage Certificate (In English, Only for Couples): If your spouse’s name isn’t on your passport, you might need to show an English-language marriage record to prove that you are married.


  1. Present Address: Provide details of your current residential address, which is essential for contact purposes during the visa application process.

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