Are you looking for Dhaka To Barisal Air Ticket Price With Flight Schedules?

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss Dhaka to Barisal Air Ticket Prices, flight Schedules, Luggage Information, and many more.

A Dhaka to Barisal Air ticket can cost around the lowest 3200 to a maximum of 8500 bdt. It will depend on your flight schedule, airlines, and the type of coach you select for your journey. Barisal flights from Dhaka are available from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Dhaka to Barisal Air route is one of the oldest and busiest Air routes in Bangladesh.

Every day several people visit Barisal from Dhaka for many purposes. And many of them use flights as only flights offer a luxurious, comfortable and quick journey. Later in this article, we will discuss many more aspects of a Dhaka to Barisal Air Routes.

Few Important Information About Dhaka To Barisal Air Routes:

Aerial distance 114 km
Total number of flights in a week from Dhaka to Barisal 10
First Flight of the day Us Bangla Airlines 171, Departs at 02:10 pm
Last Flight of the day Biman Bangladesh 469, Departs at 04:00 pm
Operating Airlines on Dhaka to Barisal route Novoair, US Bangla Airlines, and Biman Bangladesh
Minimum flight time of Dhaka to Barisal 30 min
Airport flight codes from Dhaka to Barisal Dhaka-DAC, Barisal – BZL

Dhaka to Barisal Air Ticket Price

Flight ticket price depends on some multiple factors. On the same route, different airlines can charge different amounts of money for the ticket. It depends on the airline’s business policy, coach type, demand and many more.


Three domestic airlines operate in Dhaka to Barisal route. A one-way ticket to Barisal from Dhaka can cost about 3200 to 8500. However, you can contact our office to check for any additional discount.


In chronological order, we have listed the airline’s expected air ticket prices from Dhak to Barisal. Indeed, it will help you.

Biman Bangladesh Airline Dhaka to Barisal Ticket Price

Here is the ticket price of Biman Bangladesh on the Dhaka to Barisal route

Class Ticket Price (BDT)
Super Saver 3200
Economy Saver 4200
Economy Flexible 6200

Biman Bangladesh Airline Dhaka to Barisal Flight Schedule

Here is the flight Schedule

Airline Departure Time (DCA) Arrival Time (BZL) Off Day
Biman-471 8:30 AM 09:10 AM Thursday
Biman-473 03:45 PM 04:25 PM Except for Thursday

US-Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Barisal Ticket Price

Here is the Ticket Price Below

Class Ticket Price (BDT)
Super Saver 3599
Saver 3999
Flexible 6000

US-Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Barisal  Flight Schedule

Here is the Dhaka to Barisal US-Bangla Airlines Flight Schedule.

Airline Departure Time (DCA) Arrival Time (BZL) Off Day
US Bangla -171 08:30 AM 09:10 AM No
US Bangla -175 04:35 Pm 05:15 PM No

Novoair Dhaka To Barisal Ticket Price

Here is the Ticket price list below

Class Ticket Price (BDT)
Special Promo 3599
Promo Saver 3799
Special 4900
Discount 6000
Saver 7200
Flexible 8400

Novoair Airline Dhaka to Barisal Flight Schedule

Here is the Dhaka to Barisal Novoair Airlines Flight Schedule

Airline Departure Time (DCA) Arrival Time(CGP) Off Day
NovoAir-995 8:30 AM 9:10 AM Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday
NovoAir-997 0300 PM 03:40 PM No

Luggage Information 


An economy class passenger can carry a maximum of 20 kg of luggage and 6 kg of baggage on the board. While a Business class Passenger can carry 30 kg of luggage and a maximum of 8 kg of baggage on the board. If you want to carry luggage with more weight, as mentioned above, you will be charged per the boarding rules.


How to buy Dhaka to Barisal Flight Ticket Online?


Buying Dhaka to Barisal air tickets is very easy. There is nothing to be worried about. You can visit our website for the best deal on Dhak to Barisal and all domestic flights. However, you can also visit our office to book your ticket too.


Our Contact Details:




Address: 2/14, Tajmahal Road, Block-C

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Mobile: + 88 01762 533 199



Or you can Visit the airline’s Website here:


About Barisal City:

Barisal is considered as a major city in Southern Bangladesh. It is situated beside the beautiful Kirtonkhola River. Barisal has always been one of the most wanted travel destinations for Bangladeshi people. Water bodies, rivers, and canals have attracted people around the country for many years.

The river journey by launch, steamer, and boat has always fascinated the visitors of Barisal. Barisal is also famous for its production of Hilsha Fish (ILISH). Every Bengalis highly appreciate the Ilish of Barisal for its mouth-watering taste.

Barisal Division mainly consists of the districts of Jhalokati, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Barguna, and Bhola. Each district has a rich history and major attractions. The most popular places to visit in Barisal Division are Kuakata Beach, Kuakata Buddhist Temple, Floating Guava Bazaar in Kuriana, also called the Floating Market of Bengal, Guava Garden in Swarupkathi, Sujabad Fort, Ghoshal Rajbari, and Monpura Island.

Why Should You Travel By Air In Bangladesh?


You can choose Bus or train as your travel mode instead of flights. In fact, it would be more affordable for you if you took the bus or train. But there are some factors for which you should consider air for your journey. Here are some of them:


  • To Save Time: Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world. But it is also known more for its nasty traffic jam. The roads here are often crowded. A traffic jam at the gateway of Dhaka can take up to 10 hours during the holiday season.


Rails are often run behind schedules too. Moreover, train tickets are rarely available due to the massive demand for cheap transportation. Even if you manage to get a bus or train ticket, it will take 10 – 15 hours to reach Barisal from Dhaka. And that’s the estimated time, excluding traffic jams.


But if you take flights for your journey, you can save valuable time. A flight to Saidpur from Dhaka will take a maximum of 1 hour. And if you add another 1 hour for the immigration process, it is still far less than the regular bus/train journey.


  • To Have a Relaxing Journey: The road infrastructure of Bangladesh isn’t that good at all. An uneven road surface makes your bus journey more tiring, which is very common in Bangladesh. A 10-15 hours journey on the road filled with bumps and dents will suck out all the energy from you. Even if you choose a luxurious bus, there is still a big chance that you may catch motion sickness


But taking a flight is so comfortable compared to others. A 40-45 minutes flight will not be tiring for you. You will be able to catch your important meeting or plan just on the go. Which will definitely increase your productivity.


  • To Have a Safe Journey: Thousands of people die every day on the road in Bangladesh. The drivers do not obey the traffic rules most of the time. In addition, there is a tendency for reckless driving among bus or truck drivers. As a result, multiple traffic casualties create headlines in the news daily in Bangladesh.


Keeping this in mind, if you have the luxury to spend extra cash on an air ticket, you should consider buying one because air is the safest travel mode in Bangladesh. The stats also prove that. You can just relax and make yourself comfy while traveling in the air without having any fair occurrence.


Some Air Travel Guides That You Can Follow: 

In a  Dhaka to Barisal flight, here are a few essential things you can keep in mind.

  • Make sure you have all your important papers and bags with you before you go to the airport.

  • Try to get to your preferred airport at least an hour before your flight.

  • Find out how much luggage you can bring by reading the airline’s rules.

  • After making sure your bags meet the requirements, you should fill out the paperwork for immigration.

  • Find the flight you want to take next.

  • Sit in the right seat and wait for the flight once you’ve found it.

  • Flight times can change, so please keep your phone number open. You won’t hear this news if the phone number is blocked.



It is more relaxing when you know all the information about your flight ticket price, schedule, etc. I hope from this article you were able to know all about  Dhaka To Barisal Air Ticket Price With Flight Schedules. Thank you for reading this article. Stay with Eurolink Council to get all the offers and discounts on travel packages and flight tickets.