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A Dhaka to Bangalore Air ticket can cost around the lowest BDT 13,500 to a maximum of BDT 42,900. It will depend on your flight schedule, airlines, and the type of coach you select for your journey. Bangalore flights from Dhaka are available from early morning to late afternoon. 


Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” due to its thriving IT industry. Bengaluru is also famous for its pleasant weather, beautiful parks, historic temples, and diverse culinary scene. The city is a hub for education, technology, and startups.

Some Important Information About Dhaka to Bangalore Air Routes

Dhaka and Bangalore are two bustling cities with strong cultural and economic ties. The air route between these two cities is popular among travelers for both business and leisure purposes.

In this blog section, we will provide you with some important information about Dhaka to Bangalore air routes, including airlines that operate on this route, travel time, ticket prices, and tips for a comfortable journey. Whether you are planning a trip to Bangalore from Dhaka or vice versa, this guide will help you navigate your air travel with ease.


Aerial Distance Between Dhaka to Bangalore 3131 KM
Total Flights from Dhaka to Bangalore Per Week 24 Flights
First Flight Biman Bangladesh (Departs 09:00 PM)
Last Flight Jet Airways (Departs 05:20 PM)
Popular Airlines on this Road Biman Bangladesh, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Vistara, SriLankan Airlines, and Maldivian
Shortest Time of Flights 5h 50m+
Airport Codes Dhaka (DAC), Bangalore (BLR)
Flights Total Time 5h 50m+

Dhaka to Bangalore Air Ticket Price

Flight ticket price depends on multiple factors. On the same route, different airlines can charge different amounts of money for the ticket. It depends on the airline’s business policy, coach type, demand, and many more.


Multiple International airlines operate on Dhaka to Bangalore route. A one-way ticket to Bangalore from Dhaka can cost about the lowest BDT 13,500 to a maximum of BDT 42,900. However, you can contact our office to check for any additional discount.


In chronological order, we have listed the airline’s expected air ticket prices from Dhaka to Bangalore. Indeed, it will help you.

Dhaka to Bangalore Air Ticket Price List


Airlines Name Road Fare Rules Ticket Price
IndiGo Airlines DAC – CCU – BLR Refundable 15000 BDT TK
SpiceJet DAC – CCU – BLR Refundable 17200 BDT TK
Biman Bangladesh Airlines DAC – DEL – BLR Refundable 30700 BDT TK
SriLankan Airlines DAC – CMB – BLR Refundable 42900 BDT TK
Air India DAC – CCU – BLR Refundable 15800 BDT TK
Vistara Airlines DAC – DEL – BLR Refundable 24800 BDT TK


Bangalore to Dhaka Air Ticket Price List


Airlines Name Road Fare Rules Ticket Price
SpiceJet BLR – CCU – DAC Refundable 13500 BDT TK
Indigo Airlines BLR – CCU – DAC Refundable 13600 BDT TK
SriLankan Airlines BLR – CMB – DAC Refundable 15600 BDT TK
Air India BLR – CCU – DAC Refundable 12300 BDT TK
Vistara Airlines BLR – DEL – DAC Refundable 21600 BDT TK

Dhaka to Bangalore Air Schedules

Knowing the flight schedules can help you to manage your trip more efficiently. In addition, you can prepare yourself according to your preferred plan. But it takes work to rush to the airport on weekdays just to find the available flight schedules.


So we have gathered all the Dhaka to Bangalore flight schedules here in a single place.  Down below, you will find all the charts of airline flight Schedules.

Dhaka to Bangalore One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines Name Via Road Total Time
IndiGo Airlines Chennai DAC – MAA – BLR 5h 50m+
IndiGo Airlines Kolkata DAC – CCU – BLR 6h 20m+
SriLankan Airlines Colombo DAC – CMB – BLR 6h 10m+
Vistara Airlines New Delhi DAC – DEL – BLR 7h 5m+
Biman Bangladesh New Delhi DAC – DEL – BLR 9h 0m+
Air India New Delhi DAC – DEL – BLR 9h 0m+


Bangalore to Dhaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines Name Via Road Total Time
IndiGo Airlines Kolkata BLR – CCU – DAC 5h 50m+
IndiGo Airlines Chennai BLR – MAA – DAC 6h 5m+
Biman Bangladesh Kolkata BLR – CCU – DAC 7h 25m+
Air India Kolkata BLR – CCU – DAC 7h 25m+
SriLankan Airlines Colombo BLR – CMB – DAC 7h 30m+

Dhaka to Bangalore Flights Baggage Allowance

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be stressful, especially when you have to pack and deal with your luggage. If you want to fly from Dhaka to Bangalore, it is important to know how much luggage you can bring. Each airline has its own rules and regulations, and if you go over the weight or size limits, you may have to pay extra or even leave things behind.

In this section, we’ll talk about what you can bring on a flight from Dhaka to Bangalore and how much you’re allowed to bring. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to pack smartly and avoid hassles or fees that aren’t necessary.

Airlines Name Baggage
SpiceJet 20 KG + 7 KG (Cabin)
Indigo Airlines 30 KG + 7 KG (Cabin)
Vistara 30 KG
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 20 KG
SriLankan Airlines 30 KG
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 20 KG
Air India 20 KG

How to buy Dhaka to Bangalore Flight Ticket Online?

Buying Dhaka to Bangalore air tickets is very easy. There is nothing to be worried about at all. All you need to do is visit our website for the best deal on Dhaka to Bangalore and all domestic flights. However, you can also visit our office to book your ticket.


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Some Air Travel Guides That You Can Follow: 

In a  Dhaka to Bangalore flight, here are a few essential things you can keep in mind.

  • Make sure you have all your important papers and bags with you before you go to the airport.

  • Try to get to your preferred airport at least an hour before your flight.

  • Find out how much luggage you can bring by reading the airline’s rules.

  • After making sure your bags meet the requirements, you should fill out the paperwork for immigration.

  • Find the flight you want to take next.

  • Sit in the right seat and wait for the flight once you’ve found it.

  • Flight times can change, so please keep your phone number open. You won’t hear this news if the phone number is blocked.



It is more relaxing when you know all the information about your flight ticket price, schedule, etc. I hope you could learn all about Dhaka to Bangalore Air Ticket price & Flights Schedules from this article.

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